Healthy and healthy skin is the dream and desire of every woman

Healthy skin is a result of quality, everyday routine care of the same
October 1, 2017
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Quality and effective products are often expensive and have little in packaging. To achieve some serious results by using them we need to spend a pile of money, and this does not appeal to anyone.

Even the same results with a little longer time usage can also be achieved by using natural ingredients from our own garden or kitchen. Also, using natural ingredients you can be 100% sure you put on your skin and do not contain any additional chemicals.

For dry skin use honey

The honey perfectly regenerates the skin and you can combine it with apple juice to make it easier to apply. Mix the ingredients, lightly heat them just enough to dissolve and mix the honey, then apply it to the critical areas. Apple cider vinegar will maintain a natural pH value while honey hydrates and nourishes. Hold the mask for fifteen minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

Use oily and problematic skin yogurt

Yogurt is excellent for oily skin prone to acne. If you add lemon juice to it, you will get a mask that cleans the face and pore, removes acne stains, treats excess skin and maintains a normal pH value. Lemon acts as an antiseptic and disinfects the face.

Against the cellulite coffee and the mad paprika

Cellulite products are often expensive, and we have to act for a long time. Most of these products contain caffeine that stimulates the circulation and thus solves cellulite, and the hot peppers act in a similar way.

We all have coffee in the kitchen so why not make a cellulite? Mix coffee, ground hot peppers and olive oil and use it as a scrub before each shower. You can make this mixture in bigger quantities and keep it in the bathroom and apply each shower before the shower gel. The results will come a little slower, but it is definitely cheaper. Except for a bit of disorder, it does not cost you anything.

For better tanning when sunbathing

If you put carrots in olive oil and keep it in the sun for a month and then peel off, you will get a sunburn with twice as fast darkening. It will not protect you against UV rays or burns, but if you apply this oil and rub it then apply a sunscreen you will have protection and you will get darker faster. This is because of carrots containing beta carotene. It helps us better excretion of melanin and so faster tanning of the skin.

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